Fragrant Meditations- Essential Collection

Draw closer to God through Scripture meditation and experience the added benefit of essential oils.

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My journey of drawing closer to God through Scripture has been long and varied. I have valued the resources that have taught me Scripture meditation and how to connect with God in new ways. It was a natural step for me to combine my Scripture meditation with the essential oils that I love. Now I want to share this with you.
Fragrant Meditations- Essential Collection is an online course combining Scripture meditation with essential oils. As part of this course, you will receive a digital copy of beautiful Scripture cards with artwork by Lynne Miles.
Whether you are just dipping your toe into Scripture or have long been a student of them, you can connect with this course.
Don't have essential oils? That's ok! The meditations can be done without them OR I can show you how to get some.
All going well, there will be future courses as well!

What have others said about this course?

  • "They are seriously a fantastic way to stop and focus on God any time of the day and are a perfect way to start a time of devotion when you have more time. I will be recommending this far and wide - they really have met a need in a way that I have not found anywhere else - unique and wonderful!" - Lynne 
  • "Has been hard to scrape time together for me this week, but I attempted to ignore the external voices and listened through peace this afternoon. It helped."  Jess

Do you long for a few moments for your soul to breathe in your day? Do you want to meditate on Scripture and incorporate essential oils into your day? 

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What's included?

10 Videos
2 Surveys
9 Texts
14 PDFs
6 Audios
1 Presentation
Jodi Koepke
Jodi Koepke

About the instructor

Who am I? A mother, wife, writer, leader and teacher. 

If you're anything like me, your journey to seeing yourself as a leader and thriving in this is ongoing and in need of frequent encouragement. Leadership spans every domain of our lives, regardless of title. It includes taking care of ourselves in order to be effective in how we lead others. I share what I am learning in my own journey of life and leadership through my words. I would love to walk this journey with you.